evolaris aviation gmbh – a spin-off of the Bern University of Applied science – has developed an electrical high power aerobatic motor for the swiss aerobatic aircraft VOTEC 221 in the past 2 years. TEST

Virtual Reality Specto

Medical Application of Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools. With the Virtual Reality tool Specto, doctors can interact in a three-dimensional space with the patient data prior to surgery.

The MIRACLE Project

MIRACLE, short for Minimally Invasive Robot-Assisted Computer-guided LaserosteotomE, aims to develop a robotic endoscope to perform contact-free bone surgery with laser light.


IPS Biopharma is a biotech company developing a proprietary drug for use in the innovative cancer immunotherapy inCVAX for the treatment of solid metastatic tumors.

Electron Diffraction for drug discovery

Modern pharmaceutical development is tailored to the chemical and physical characteristics of active organic compounds. Obtaining a polymorph portfolio of a compound is a demanding process. With its advantages, electron diffraction represents one of the most promising fields of research for unlocking new possibilities in structure-based drug discovery.

Unprecedented level of detection

The results of the research and development activities in chemical, pharmaceutical and many other areas often depend on the correctly identified structure of the analyzed sample. X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD) is considered the gold standard method for identifying and quantifying crystalline solid forms and provides the industry with crucial data.

Novel ligand-bound GPCR structures

Membrane protein drug targets represent a significant challenge for high-resolution three-dimensional structure determination limiting the discovery and development of novel medicines. leadXpro AG, a company at PARK INNOVAARE, successfully tackles the membrane protein structure identification challenge to advance the drug discovery process and bring better drugs to the market.

A new method for cheaper solar-energy storage

Storing solar energy as hydrogen is a promising way for developing comprehensive renewable energy systems. Building on a unique idea, EPFL scientists have now developed a simple, unconventional method to fabricate high-quality, efficient solar panels for direct solar hydrogen production with low cost.

The value of the absolute structure

The exact knowledge and understanding of a molecule’s structure underpin all the substantial progress in chemical and pharmaceutical research. Using state-of-the-art technologies at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), the company Crystallise! has achieved unprecedented results in absolute configuration determination of a small single crystal of a light atom compound.

Breath test for detecting head and neck Cancer

Inhale, then exhale. This simple act could now save lives. A technology developed in part at EPFL can quickly identify the presence of a head and neck cancer, such as of the throat or mouth by analysing people's breath. The new device, equipped with extremely sensitive sensors, has been tested on patients and operates with a computer or even a mobile phone.

Better and cheaper DNA sequencing

EPFL scientists have developed a method that improves the accuracy of DNA sequencing up to a thousand times. The method, which uses nanopores to read individual nucleotides, paves the way for better – and cheaper – DNA sequencing. Reading the exact make-up of genes, scientists can detect mutations, or even identify different organisms.

Who we are

The Swiss Innovation Park «Switzerland Innovation» gives easy access to talent, knowledge and expertise. It is the ideal place for technology-driven companies to create their next breakthrough or best- selling product.

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André Hoffmann

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

“Innovation is the result of creative, intelligent people; however, even the best people cannot be innovative enough without the right environment. Switzerland offers excellent conditions for everyone looking to innovate: a stable, democratic system with legal certainty, respect for intellectual property, and an excellent education system.”

Patrick Warnking

Country Director Google Switzerland

Quality in terms of training, research and innovation is a key factor behind the success of our investments in Switzerland – alongside local partnerships with players from academia, business, politics and society in the field of ­digital education and beyond. It provides a solid foundation that has seen Google Switzerland become the company’s largest R&D site outside the USA.

Eric Rolland

PhD, Head of Nestlé Institute of Health Science

"At the innovation park, through our cooperation with academia, we have easy access to people, expertise, knowledge and state-of-the-art research. We are in close proximity to ­exciting start-ups and technology companies and are able to attract ­excellent graduate students and researchers.”

Kaspar E. A. Wenger

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Holcim (Schweiz) AG

“The two decisive factors for Switzerland as an innovation location are the liberal and stable economic system and the excellent infrastructure. This results in a very high quality of life, which makes Switzerland attractive for international companies and leading specialists. Furthermore, our educational institutions represent a culture of quality and progress.”

Dr. Matthias Leuenberger

Delegate Novartis Switzerland

Switzerland has a strong commitment to ­intellectual property and a great research ­environment with excellent universities.

Innovations Areas

What we focus on

Health and Life Sciences

Drug discovery and design, precision/personalized medicine, medtech, biotech, diagnostics, biomedical engineering, nutrition, human physiology


Computer and Computational Science

Data security (for example blockchain), data analytics, artificial intelligence, storage ­technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensors, cloud computing, bioinformatics


Energy, Natural Resources and Environment

Energy storage, smart grids, power generation, smart building / living, energy/resource efficiency, green chemistry, alternative energy sources


Mobility and Transportation

Aviation and space, autonomous driving, avionics and drones, electric mobility and batteries, traffic planning and transport systems, mobility infrastructure


Manufacturing and Materials

Robotics, automation, industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, ­accel­erator technology, ­nondestructive testing, new ­materials, nanotechnology, ­microelectronics


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Academic Excellence

Collaborate with world-class academic partners. Easy access to the best talents and researchers


Find exciting high-tech start-ups and spin-offs

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Exchange ideas and forge partnerships with R&D teams from top international companies

Innovation Services

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Approximately 200,000 square ­meters of high-end laboratories, ­offices, ­conference rooms and ­coworking spaces. Large, accelerator-based research facilities.

stable ­environment

Business-friendly and politically stable ­environment

development area

More than 40 hectares of development area

research funding

Access to Swiss and EU research funding

Life quality

Very high quality of life, attractive for top talents and their families